Turning Life Tales Into Fairy Tales
More Than A Gift

We will create a fairy-tale for your child based on his specific life experiences. More than a beautiful gift to a child's confidence, these stories are powerful, therapeutic and life-changing especially when written for the most vulnerable children in this world.

Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Join our workshops and learn how to write a fairytale based on your life experiences. It can become your child's new favorite bedtime story, or a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Or yourself.

Wizards Wanted

Close your eyes and imagine the world was wobbly. You had super long arms. And a Magic Wand. It was your birthday every day. You had a pet dinosaur. And your neighbor was Batman. Everything was upside down and you only ate chocolate.

Who are we

We are storytellers, writers, wizards and child therapy experts on a mission to create a fairy tale for every child in this world. Yes, for every child. And we made it possible for anyone to contribute to that mission.

Do you want to write with us? Or you want us to write for you? Either way, we got you covered. We are almost ready and you will be the first one to know when we are.

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